5E Dual Hand Crossbow Fighter

5E Dual Hand Crossbow Fighter. So crossbow expert alone lets you dual wield hand crossbows because it doesn't limit you to melee or thrown. The feat is balanced but can be improved by taking inspiration from crossbow expert.

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This is the best actually. When you use the attack action and attack with a one handed weapon, you can use a bonus action to attack with a hand crossbow you are holding. We add our bonus action using crossbow mastery for a total of 5 attacks per turn.

Use 3 Hand Crossbows And One Free Hand To Reload All 3.

Anyone who has been playing 5e for more than a few months has probably wondered about the possibility of dual wielding hand crossbows. This step is probably the most important one you will make when it comes to determining your play experience in d&d. You need to blow a feat on it to really make much use of the hand crossbow, and, as per either an errata or a tweet, you still need a free hand to.

A Dwarf Fighter 5 (Champion)/ Rouge 15(Scout) With Heavy Crossbow.

He fires the hand crossbows simultaneously move action: Drawing the ammunition from a quiver, case, or other container is part of the attack. Sharpshooter adds +10 damage, plus another 5 from dexterity modifier.

This Is Because A Majority Of Your Features You Get, And Will Get, Come From Your Class.

Take the crossbow expert and sharpshooter feats. Even ignoring mixing and matching magic weapons, it really does give some decent flexibility. Being within 5 feet of a hostile doesn’t cause disadvantage on ranged crossbow attacks.

When You Use The Attack Action And Attack With A One Handed Weapon, You Can Use A Bonus Action To Attack With A Hand Crossbow You Are Holding.

The character can have the flavor, and it doesn't require. The feat is balanced but can be improved by taking inspiration from crossbow expert. It doesn't say other weapon.

We Add Our Bonus Action Using Crossbow Mastery For A Total Of 5 Attacks Per Turn.

Use hand crossbow + hand crossbow bonus attack. To do that we are using a hand crossbow (1d6 damage). You don’t add your ability modifier to the damage of the bonus attack, unless that modifiers is negative.

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