Abec 9 Vs Bones Reds

Abec 9 Vs Bones Reds. If you’re looking for new bearings, you’re spoilt for choice. I leave you to decide!!

Everything You Need To Know About Bones Bearings Shredz Shop Bones from

If you’re looking for new bearings, you’re spoilt for choice. Abec 9 bearings are used in critical aerospace and instrument applications. Well worth the additional cost over a normal bearing.

1St Spin Is Abec 7 , Followed By Bones Super Red.

The abec 7 ran for about. Abec 7 is rating given to bearings for their manufacturing quality that shows how well the bearings are made. The newest member of the reds bearings line.

I've Heard Conflicting Arguments On How Much Abec/Swiss Rating Makes A Difference, And It Seems As Though The Manufacturer Of The Bearing May Make A Bigger Difference In Their Performance.

It says nothing about resistance to impact, sideways forces, rust and a whole bunch of other things skateboards encounter which machines generally don't. The bones big balls bearings are here by demand. The main difference between abec 7 vs.

I've Been Considering Bones Super Reds, Sonic Swiss, Revision Abec 9, And Helo Quark Bearings.

It's a clever marketing ploy, b. No laws in china against that. As the ratings climb higher (to abec 9 and higher), the bearings become more precise and fast.

Super Reds Are A Superior Quality Bearing, Using Higher Quality Steel Races, Better Quality And Grade Balls, And A Superior Surface Finish.

So this is where things get tricky. They last a bit longer compared to standard bones reds but the question is if this is worth it. Both were greased up before testing.

Abec 9 Bearings Are Used In Critical Aerospace And Instrument Applications.

Abec is a rating for industrial purposes, i.e. The bones range is grouped in bones reds™ & bones swiss. Some of the bearings fell apart pretty quickly without ollieing big stairs.

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