Airbag Light Smog Check

Airbag Light Smog Check. Auto repair shops hate this video. Usually it's not the air bag itself that is the problem, but more likely a clock spring in the steering column, broken wire somewhere or even an impact sensor.

What does the airbag warning light mean? from

This system includes various crash sensors and the airbags themselves. Now that it is monday i called the smog shop. Fill up the coolant and gas tanks.

A Smog Check Or Smog Test Is A Basic Vehicle Inspection Program That Measures How Many Pollutants Are Coming From A Car’s Exhaust.

We do not look for abs lamps, oil change lights, or airbag lamps. A vehicle can pass the smog check with deployed airbag so long as the deployment of the airbag (s) did not disturb the vehicle's emissions system and operation. Gm had chronic ebcm issues with their circuit boards in 2000 year vehicles causing abs light to come on.

Be Sure To Watch Part 2.

Repeat steps one and two twice. There are many parts to the supplemental restraint system that could put the air bag light on. If your gas cap is missing this is a smog check failure.

Before Your Smog Check, Make Sure Your Coolant Tank Is Filled, Along With The Gas Tank—A Low Gas Level Could Expose The Fuel Pump And Let Vapor Into The.

An emissions test focuses more on the emissions coming out of your car’s engine, and that means that this is. The light will stay on for about seven seconds then it will turn off. A no cost easy way to reset and fix your airbag srs warning light.

The Airbag Light Will Come On And Then Will Turn Off Completely.

Steps 1 keep your car properly maintained by doing all of the scheduled maintenance in a timely manner. After it turns off, shut off the car completely and wait for three seconds. Now that it is monday i called the smog shop.

When This Light Comes On, It Indicates That A Problem Has Been Detected In The System, And One Or More Airbags May Not Inflate In The Event Of A Collision.

Its primary purpose is to make sure you smog is ok and then the rest of electronics are functiong properly. Auto repair shops hate this video. Check the passenger airbag switch some cars have a “passenger seat airbag on/off button.” this is the first thing you should check when you want to remove the airbag light.

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