Alternator Whine Through Speakers

Alternator Whine Through Speakers. There are several possible causes of alternator whine and troubleshooting is the best way to isolate it. That's the rca cable right?

Found the stereo noise! CorvetteForum Chevrolet Corvette Forum from

Sounds like a bad ground on the alternator whining and a bad connection on the speaker wire for the static, my truck does the same thing on the pass rear because either the preout on my amp or headunit is goin out. There are several possible causes of alternator whine and troubleshooting is the best way to isolate it. That ripple will also cause a whine in the speakers.

Sounds Like A Bad Ground On The Alternator Whining And A Bad Connection On The Speaker Wire For The Static, My Truck Does The Same Thing On The Pass Rear Because Either The Preout On My Amp Or Headunit Is Goin Out.

Whine does not increase with volume, only with revving the engine 2. Speaker whine from alternators one common cause of speaker whine comes from the vehicle's alternator. After i replaced it with a dbelectrical 200amp alternator and did the big 3 with 0 gauge wiring.

With The Engine Running, I Can Disconnect The Power Wire (+) From The Back Of The Alternator (The One That Goes To The Battery Pos(+) Post), And The Whine Stops.

Alternator whine is a noise produced by the charging system in a motorized vehicle. The whine that you hear in your car’s sound system could be caused by a battery that is getting weak or has problems with its cell connections. It is a whirring sound that varies with the rpm of the motor.

Can A Bad Battery Cause Alternator Whine?

In time, the friction of spinning at such a high speed will cause the belt to wear and it will start whining. Do not power up the amp with no load. There are two methods to solve this type of noise in your car’s audio system.

As The Rpms Of Your Vehicle Rise, The Volume Of The Alternator Whine Can Increase As Well.

The main culprits are the amp, the head unit and any intermediate components such as crossovers and equalizers. When the rmps increase, such as when you accelerate, you’ll hear the noise get higher in. If not, then hook the speaker wires back up before doing anything else.

During The Troubleshooting From The Third Shop, We Found Out With The Rca's Disconnected From The Hu And Left Connected To The Amp.

Its very rare, but i once found the speaker wires were being run alongside a heavy current wire, and were picking up the whine after the radio. The excessive whine in the speakers suggests your generator already has a defective diode. Well the other day i learned a neat little trick which amazed the crap outta me.

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