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Amar In Arabic. Pronunciation of amar is : See common ways of saying “beautiful” in arabic.

Amar muslim boys name and meaning, islamic boys name Amar from

The different meanings of the name amar are: “amar” literally means “the moon” in “arabic” and it weird why people use it, but it describes someone that is very beautiful or just all in all a wholesome person “ my love , don’t say that your amar ” “i saw this girl yesterday next to me. عمــار علـي عبــد الله الطنبور، ١٧ أو ١٩:

It Has Same Or Different Meanings In Other Countries And Languages.

More meanings for آمر (amar) commander noun. Omar = عمر amar = عمار pronunciation of omar is : What does آمر (amar) mean in arabic?

‘Ala Raasii (على راسي) This Phrase Literally Translates To ‘‘On My Head’’ And Expresses Your Commitment To Accomplish The Hardest Of Tasks For The One You Love.

Amar is an arabic name that is widely popular in all muslim countries. Born in december 1986) is a lebanese singer and artist. Translate amar to english online and download now our free translation software to use at any time.

عمــار علـي عبــد الله الطنبور، ١٧ أو ١٩:

Amar desh provides news about bangladesh from local and regional perspectives and covers international news.amar desh is considered a popular opposition newspaper in bangladesh and takes an editorial stance that. 6) ya amar ( يا قمر) my moon (which means my most beautiful) pronounced: You can also find similar names to amar like arham, ayan, ayaan.

(To Have Profound Affection For) A.

Amaranth urdu translation is نبتة لا تذبل. Amar name meaning amar name meaning is order, verb. It is a muslim boy name with lucky number 6.

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Pablo ama a su esposa. You can use the word ‘amar to refer to someone’s beauty, as well. It is often used to form names in combination with other words.

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