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Army Basic Training Funny. Even the drill sergeants who have a. Though recruits may find them funny, if they're caught smiling, laughing, or anything of the sort during training, they’ll be sure to be receiving some punishment.

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Sandboxx | august 3, 2016. 4 of the funniest boot camp stories we’ve ever heard. Even the drill sergeants who have a.

And You Get Paid For It.

A basic trainee realizes he made an awful mistake and goes to the di. Military training is fun, especially the stuff you haven't done before. You will stand duty, watch, guard during your boot camp / basic training, sometimes the.

Though Recruits May Find Them Funny, If They're Caught Smiling, Laughing, Or Anything Of The Sort During Training, They’ll Be Sure To Be Receiving Some Punishment.

We need to memorialize his death. There was a private who got caught singing in the chow line. Familiarization training and qualification with a new weapon type?

Trying Not To Laugh Is Often Difficult.

Week 1 in army basic training we had a soldier ask for an omelette in chow line (which was not allowed because there was absolutely no time to make custom. See more ideas about military humor, military memes, military jokes. Military jokes and humor getting recycled.

That, Combined With Some Genius/Cruel Drill Instructors Leads To Pretty Funny Incidents.

Our drill instructor stopped us, stalked up to the recruit, and started wearing. The thread, which originated with reddit user mctugmutton, asked the military community for “the. Some times the drill sergeants and tis just say funny things.

At An Army Training Camp In Florida, The Sergeant Is Giving A Talk:

The basic training omelette,by lgmeister. “you can’t keep me here because one of my legs is shorter than the other. It stayed there for about a 10 seconds then the sergeant poked it in the eyes and kicked it off.

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