Ataru Lightsaber Form

Ataru Lightsaber Form. It is an acrobatic form that emphasizes elaborate flips and wide strikes. Ataru continued to be a common form among the jedi in the latter stages of the republic.

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Masters of this style are trained in unique attacks and defenses similar to those taught in modern fencing, specializing in protecting themselves against disarms and strikes aimed directly at their own weapons. When the galactic republic was in its last years of existence. A lightsaber form is a distinctive style, methodology and philosophy of lightsaber combat.

Every Canon Lightsaber Color And Meaning.

Although a force user may favor only one or a few of the 7 lightsaber forms, the individual may select a form to best fit the conditions of a specific the incident, battle or lightsaber duel. 3rd level you gain the ataru lightsaber form, detailed in chapter 6 of the player’s handbook. Personally, i discourage its study among padawans, whose youthful energy too often translates into sloppy execution.

It Is Sometimes Called The 'Contention Form.'.

Jedis had to be trained in the ways of the force to be able to learn ataru form. This desperate need for offense ended up in the 4 th lightsaber combat form. A jedi using ataru can move quite fast and strike quickly.

Ataru Is An Advanced Form Of The 7 Lightsaber Combat Forms That Need A Combination Of Force Abilities And Lightsaber Skills.

Known as the aggression form, the foundation of ataru relies on a practitioner's balance with the force. According to star wars canon, there are 7 known lightsaber forms. This is evident with master yoda's mastery of the form.

Superior Power Attacks And Superior Counter To An All Out Offensive Approach.

But one style in particular, form iv, also known as ataru, is a lightsaber form best known for giving even its oldest fighters the ability to perform feats that many would believe impossible. Ataru is said to be a defensive approach on dueling despite its heavy use of acrobatic maneuvers, but is yet also. The forth pillar in the system is ataru.

Fittingly, Its Kinetic Moves Require Its Practitioners To Stay Almost Constantly On The Offence.

Ataru continued to be a common form among the jedi in the latter stages of the republic. 3rd level as a bonus action, you can take an aggressive stance, leaping around the battlefield for 1 minute. As such it has been mastered only by the jedi who are strongest in wielding the force.

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