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Atomic Ben 10. In another timeline, atomix was mentioned in ken 10 as one of ben 10,000 's aliens. Pictures of things that could be boss fights, any kind of picture, gif, or video may be used.

Atomix origin Ben 10 atomix ben 10 Atomix & atomic X from

Atomix has a degree of enhanced strength, though it in not a prominent ability of his. In for a few brains more (his debut ep), he easily took out. Atomix has only made 5 appearances throughout the show and 2 of those were cameos.

Atomix Can Control Objects And People At An Atomic Level.

Atomix was mentioned by ken tennyson while he looked through his omnitrix (ken didn't get it, much to his disappointment). Atomix has to concentrate to control objects and cannot defend himself when controlling an object. The overall most powerful bein…

Large, White Robotic Humanoid With Green Accents.

And if that wasn't enough he has atomix's nuclear powers as well (radiokinesis). To ken 's disappointment, it was not one of the aliens in his omnitrix given to him by ben. Ben tennyson wields the power of the omnitrix to turn in.

Atomix Is Ben's Second Most Powerful Alien (The First Being Alien X).

In nemesis returns, nemevoc used atomix to fight bryce as rockslide. At the time, there were never any plans t…
3. In bowman 10,000 (episode), atomix helped ultimate bowman defeat death dragon.

In Another Timeline, Atomix Was Mentioned In Ken 10 As One Of Ben 10,000 'S Aliens.

There is not much known about him, but we do know that atomix is one of the 10,000 aliens on the omnitrix of ben 10,000. A large omnitrix symbol can be spotted on his chest, but the actual omnitrix is located on a belt around his waist. Has a large, white chin and pointed head.

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Omniverse pesky dust ben 10 cartoon network. How powerful is atomix | atomix powers and ability | ben 10_____#. Shoulders, wrists, chest, and top of head are light green with dark green dots in them.

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