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Available To Talk. And of course, you can use the word “available” instead of the. Estoy dispuesta a hablar siempre que quieras.

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“are you free tomorrow?” is the most common way of asking your friends or colleagues if they are accessible at a specific time. Please let me know when you talk to your brother. Using “are you…?” to ask someone if they are available.

Is There Anyone Available To Talk Over A Question?

I am free to talk. Please let me know when everything is ready.; Up to 25% cash back 1.

Let Him Ask You—And Then Say No Sometimes.

More results from pilots in canada are likely to be available in the near future 1. Dile a la fiscal que estoy disponible para hablar cuando quiera. Please call me when you are available.

And Please Let Me Know When His Lawyer Gets Here.;

Propose two meeting times and at least one place. Always having time available and wanting to fill that time with him is a definite sign that you have too much time available. And of course, you can use the word “available” instead of the.

Sometimes We Need Someone To Talk To Just Because We’re Scared To Be Open With Those Actually In Our Lives.

I am able to talk. I am available to talk to the european parliament at any time, at the invitation of parliament or any of its committees. Exact ( 1 ) but as long as we can negotiate and learn from each other, i am available to talk.

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