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Baekhyun Voice. Bol4 collaborated with baekhyun for the track leo. Baekhyuns vocals are on the same level if not better than chens vocals.

EXO For Life Baekhyun Voice Compilation (Korean and Chinese Version from

His highest note is a c#6 on “exo high note battle“. Byun baekhyun tells the story with his voice. Baekhyun and xiumin’s true voice behind the distortion.

He Has A Powerful And Charismatic Voice And Stage Presence, But Off The Stage, He Is A Bright, Cheerful, Childlike Person.

A whole novel or drama can be written with just his voice. I will start watching next week after finishing my exam. Baekhyun and xiumin’s true voice behind the distortion.

Baekhyun Was Recently Being Terrorized By Sasaeng Fan When He Was Live Streaming.

The sasaeng supposedly called baekhyun late in the night to harass him about “ bothering ” his fellow member sehun. Baekhyun) bol4 is known for its intensely sweet and slice of life tracks. A light lyric voice, baekhyun’s agility is the second best in the group.

Tbh His Voice Is One Of The Bet Voices In Kpop.

Compared to the original version, the fans expressed their desire to hear baekhyun and xiumin rapping with their real voices more on the stage: Exo ‘s baekhyun allegedly received an unwelcome phone call from a sasaeng, but he handled the situation perfectly. “ baekhyun pronounced” lovely “sounds really sexy!”.

Bol4 Collaborated With Baekhyun For The Track Leo.

With his powerful voice and range, he's won over fans worldwide as an exo member, as well as in super m and in. A video was posted onto youtube containing audio of the phone call. Baekhyun began training under sm entertainment in 2011.

He Joined Sm In 2011.

This is a large improvement as closer to debut, baekhyun’s falsetto was shown be rather nasal, pushed, strained, and airy even in the middle 4th octave, like his performance of “love song“. Baekhyun's tenor voice, described as soaring by refinery29 and standout by billboard, has been one of the focal points of his discography. Baekhyun started to train his voice when he was 11 years old.

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