Best Touhou Songs

Best Touhou Songs. List by song/embodiment of scarlet devil. Wind circulation ~ wind tour 4.

Best Touhou Relaxing Music Mix BGM YouTube from

Touhou judgement in the sixtieth year ~ fate of sixty years 11. There was an album that zun released that very few people received called akyu's untouched score. Excellent melodies, tons of variety for a touhou song.

Flight Of The Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess 11.

Created by eva strong (user generated content*) user generated content is not posted by anyone affiliated with, or on behalf of, The top ten most liked characters from every touhou game. Solar sect of mystic wisdom ~ nuclear fusion at first, aggressive trumpets and a spooky piano melody, but then suddenly it's bouncy and energetic, syncopation and piano just dancing around.

Locked Girl ~ Girls Secret Room 4.

Usually held each february, it consists of character, music, voter questionnaire, and occasionally spell card categories. Aren't like reimu hakurei, she born to have powers but she is lazy. Perfect memento in strict sense.

The Touhou Popularity Poll (東方シリーズ人気投票, Touhou Shiriizu Ninki Touhyou) Is An Annual Survey Conducted By The Japanese Touhou Wiki Since 2003, With The Exception Of 2007 And 2013.

Lunar clock ~ luna dial 2. List by song/zun's strange works; List by song/immaterial and missing power.

An English Guide On How To Vote Can Be Found Here.

Just passed the 250k views mark. List by song/shoot the bullet. I mean it contains the two most popular songs ever in touhou:

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List by song/perfect cherry blossom. Septette for a dead princess 3. I always wanted to make this list and finally i did it.

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