Best Warframes For Defense Missions

Best Warframes For Defense Missions. For defense generally people like frost, but limbo is coming more into fashion as well after his changes. Hell you wanna solo defense, take a loki, with maxed range disarm and cover the pod in torrid spam.

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Some great starter weapons are hek & soma. Defense is an endless mission type in which the players must defend the assigned primary objective or objectives from being destroyed by attacking waves of enemies. You also use avalanche when too many enemies are around, so you can cool them down when they’re becoming.

Frost/Gara For Stationary Targets Due To Their Bubble/Circle Limbo For Npc Defense Since You Can Banish Them And Thus They Don’t Take Any Damage (Npc Targets Are Normally Found In Event Def Or Sortie Def) Zephyr Could Also Work If You Hug The Target And Use Her 3 I Mainly Play Zephyr And When The Target Is Low I’ll.

It can get a bit tricky when disrupters and healers come, but it's not too bad with the weapons and abilities we have (dual ether swords (x3 damage to infested), dual heat swords (x3 damage to infested), and javelin on exaclibur (can easily 1 shot a large group of. My favorites for a defense mission would be: There are a multitude of frames you can bring to defense missions, it just depends on what you are trying to do.

Melee Is The Endgame And Always Will Be.

Gara has a few abilities that can help when it comes to defense missions. Wukong (for general speedrunning, and cheesing spy missions), nezha (for durability, cc, damage buffing, and protecting defense targets with his augment), and mesa (for open world, ideally with pillage infused over her 1). The wave will be considered cleared when all the enemies in the wave have been killed.

If You Are A New Player, Frost Is A Good Choice For Defense Missions.

Anyone who can protect the pod/whatever. In my opinion, the best squad for defense is: A maximized sonar (for power strength) can increase damage dealt to.

Really, It’s All Personal Preference.

Frost is the king of defense missions, nova prime also helps a lot. Warframes are exceptionally mobile, able to slide, jump and glide their way through the game’s terrain. You also use avalanche when too many enemies are around, so you can cool them down when they’re becoming.

The Best, However, Is Mass Vitrify.

Nezha prime is in the current rotation, so. Some great starter weapons are hek & soma. Hydroid (undertow and tentacle swarm) well, everybody has their opinion for their best warframe on defense mission 😉

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