Bf 109 Vs Fw 190

Bf 109 Vs Fw 190. Curious to know more we asked hushkit contributor edward ward to consider the matter. Although galland suggested to hitler that only development of the 190 was worthwhile and he thought the 109 was an outdated design

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I find myself flying the 109 quite a bit more than the 190. The 109 fits like a glove. However, the difference in the means of production is very clear.

The Bf 109 Is Able To Dive At A Steeper Angle Than The Fw 190.

Even if the fw 190 was better across the board (which it wasn't) the very fact that the bf 109 was already the backbone of the luftwaffe would have been enough to keep the 109 is service for years. The 190 was suited to the russian front being robust and reliable, and easier to fly of makeshift airfields. 2 x 12.7mm machine guns in the upper forward fuselage with 200 rounds each.

In This Case The German Fighter Nosedived Into The Earth In A Way That Suggested The Controls Had Frozen.

We will compare speeds, climb rates, dive speed, ma. The 190 will easily adjust to a rolling opponent, but the elevator is fairly weak making it depend on headons or advantageous positions. The interesting thing about the f4f, f6f and f4u is that we do have a tantalising hint of their efficacy.

4 X 7.62Mm Machine Guns In Wings (2 To A Wing) With 1,000 Rounds Each.

You'll hear about overheating a lot with german planes, generally speaking bf 109s overheat quicker but are much easier to cool down, fw 190s overheat slower but are much harder to cool down, especially if you get to the point the oil is hot. For its size it could carry a huge payload and doubled very. 2 to 4 x 7.9mm machine guns in engine cowling or wings.

Like Sith Said, 190 Is The Big Powerful And Stable Bmw, While The 109 Is The Small Fast Roadster You Take Out On The Small Curved Country Roads.

Curious to know more we asked hushkit contributor edward ward to consider the matter. In the leading air aces preferred the 109 for its better high altitude performance than the russian planes. 1 x cannon in propeller hub.

The 109 Can Pull Lead Easier Than The 190, But Can't Adjust To Sudden Rolls As Easily.

Could the f4u corsair and or the f6f hellcat have fought and won again the luftwaffe's bf 109 and fw 190? Fast acceleration (best hp/weight ratio), good climb speed, very maneuverable, good max speed, good engine cooling. On top of this, the fw 190 had a wider wheel base, which made it safer to fly than the bf 109 with regard to landing and take off accidents.

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