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Bioshock 2 Kill Stanley. In response to your question, tc, letting stanley live or die doesn't change anything but the ending. Stanley poole is a major antagonist in bioshock 2, serving as the main antagonist of the dionysus park level.

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Bioshock 2 offers 4 different endings in. It's the level right after dionysus park, can't remember the name. After receiving the key allowing you to open the secret.

After Receiving The Key Allowing You To Open The Secret.

Rise to surface (good and evil), abandoned (good and evil), and the standard ending (good and evil). Implications fully explained.please like and subscribe for more content!twitch: Just started my adventures in rapture just a couple of weeks ago.

It's The Level Right After Dionysus Park, Can't Remember The Name.

If you enjoyed this video: That's a bug that happened back when bioshock 2 had just released, where they thought killing gil was actually a good choice. Successfully complete the indicated tasks to get the corresponding ending.

Plus, See The Best Ending At The End Of The Video.

Thats pretty good, but i just find good satisfaction just reving my drill up to max for a few seconds while i think/say something like '**** you' right before dashing. You only get the neutral good ending if you kill all three optionals. Did you kill or spare grace holloway, stanley pool, and gil alexander, and why?

Whose Life Depends On Your Choice, Are:

I always spare the other two but i also always kill poole. My assumption is that without the ability to close his kiosk again he was almost certainly brutally killed by splicers as soon as you leave so there's that. Save all little sisters you adopt, and spare grace holloway, stanley poole, or gilbert alexander.

There Are Three Main Endings (A Good Ending, A Neutral Ending, And A Bad Ending) Along With Two Possible Variations Of Each.

It still occurs to this day, i managed to reproduce it not long ago, by going out of gil's laboratory, not pushing the draining lever, and coming back to kill him (guess the game still records that you didn't kill him. First of all, the achievement and trophy hunters out there will want to spare gil because there’s an achievement/trophy for choosing. I got up to the part where i had the option to kill stanley.

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