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For example, we do not believe in. I'm not sure, but it is a catchy phrase. Glares at r/politics, r/sandersforpresident, r/dsa.

First Of All, It Is A Matter Of Extreme White Privilege To Be Able To “Vote Blue No Matter Who!”.

Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. For example, we do not believe in. They would be united against trump no matter who won the primary.

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By keith harmon snow / march 12th, 2020. The idea is that we democrats believe in moving our country forward, granted at different speeds, but always moving forward towards the goal of equality for all americans. Vote blue no matter who!

In Order To Drive Home The Dogma That Any Alternative To Trump Must Be A Democrat, The Slogan Became Blue No Matter Who.

See the sidebar for the full version of the rules. The group is “blue no matter who,” not “bernie or bust.”. “vote blue, no matter who,” what comfort this gave democrats.

“Voting Blue No Matter Who” Isn’t Effective, In The Sense That It Comes From A Place Of Privilege, And Does Not Liberate The Most Marginalized People.

Politicians seem to feel it applies to, and who it doesn’t. Everyone can share, post, like, care, go deep, go light, write a story concerning any our democratic nominees, candidates, or leaders. What this says is that anyone that appears on the ballot as the.

Founders Active And Retired Law Enforcement Officers Type Social Movement Location United States Blue Lives Matter Is A Countermovement In The United States Advocating That Those Who Are.

He can just run this ad and subvert biden’s kindly uncle joe image with creepy sniffy pervy uncle joe. If bernie doesn’t beat biden, trump will. Another problem i have with the notion of “vote blue no matter who” is who mainstream pundits and d.c.

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