Boruto Stabs Sasuke Eye

Boruto Stabs Sasuke Eye. Sasuke survived along with naruto, kawaki, and boruto in the most recent arc. Fans will remember that sasuke's mangekyou sharingan was also extremely powerful.

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It is important to understand that boruto did not stab sasuke’s eyes on. As momoshiki saw the chance to defeat naruto and boruto, he stabs the rinnegan with kunai. Why did boruto stab sasuke eye?

The Future Generations, Sasuke Loses His Rinnegan As Boruto Stabs Him In The Eye.

Why did boruto stab sasuke eye? Thanks to itachi, sasuke's left mangekyou could produce amaterasu while his right eye had flame control. He stabbed sasuke’s rinnegan because it had proven to be a huge obstacle to overcome in his previous fight.

Sasuke Survived Along With Naruto, Kawaki, And Boruto In The Most Recent Arc.

As momoshiki saw the chance to defeat naruto and boruto, he stabs the rinnegan with kunai. If his ems were stabbed he could have got it back by rinne rebirth jutsu, the pain used to get back his eye. Momoshiki, using boruto’s body, stabs sasuke’s rinnegan eye sasuke and kawaki rush to naruto following isshiki’s death.

So, I Don't Think They Do That.

Boruto stabs sasuke in the eye, momoshiki stabs sasuke. It was not boruto, it was borushiki. Moreover, sasuke's eye was stabbed, meaning he didn't just lose the rinnegan but also his left mangekyou sharingan.

He Died When He Was Around 21 ,Finally Succumbing To His Ilness During His Fight With Sasuke.

So the straight answer is, boruto was unconscious, and momoshiki possessed the body of boruto. As one of the most powerful ninja in the naruto franchise, sasuke had to be nerfed a few times during the boruto era. Considering the fact that it was momoshiki who attacked sasuke, the shinobi losing his rinnegan makes a lot of sense.

Fans Will Remember That Sasuke's Mangekyou Sharingan Was Also Extremely Powerful.

We all know sasuke is the teacher of boruto, so why did boruto stab sasuke’s eye? Uploaded by an imgflip user 2 weeks ago featured boruto stabs sasuke memes. But, why did boruto stab sasuke’s rinnegan?

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