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Bring Your Own Car Seat Uber. To request one, open the lyft app and select the “car seat” ride type. Now, let's talk if you can or need to bring your car seat when booking an uber drive.

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Ultimately, unless you don’t mind paying a bit extra to avoid the hassle in one of the limited markets where uber offers the car seat option, you gotta bring your own. Don’t expect taxis or ride sharing drivers to have car seats. If you (the parent, guardian, or caregiver) choose to.

Almost Any Uber Driver Will Be Okay With This, But Be Sure To Contact Your Rideshare Driver Ahead Of The Pickup To Let Them Know That The.

You can bring your own car seat to secure into your lyft rideshare vehicle if you would like. You’ll need to bring your own car seat. A child is too big at 48 lbs.

We Have Used Uber With Our Kiddos In The Past, And With This Service, You'll Want To Request Uberx Car Seat (Also Called Uber Family) To Ensure The Proper Child Restraint.

Ad rent a car from our vehicle partners that fits your schedule and budget. In this category, you can expect to be picked up in a car similar to the. Yes, you can bring your own car seat in.

Just Like With Uber, You’ll Be Charged A Fee Of $10 On Top Of Your Ride Fare.

Lyft also recently started offering car seat rides solely in nyc. Get a car with unlimited miles, basic maintenance, and road assistance. Here's how to order a car seat with your uber request:

Now, Let's Talk If You Can Or Need To Bring Your Car Seat When Booking An Uber Drive.

The newest feature in uber takes aim at those parents. Per our community guidelines, it is a rider's responsibility to provide a car seat when riding with small children. Those under 18 are also not allowed to take uber trips or order uber eats without an adult.

To Request One, Open The Lyft App And Select The “Car Seat” Ride Type.

At this time, this vehicle type is only available in new york city. If your baby is over 48 lbs or taller than. Don’t expect taxis or ride sharing drivers to have car seats.

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