Broly Ui

Broly Ui. The legendary super saiyan, broly: Whis wins without even having to look at broly.

Broly Ultra Instinto. Personajes de dragon ball, Dibujos bonitos de from

Just a guy who loves collecting pokémon cards. Whis wins without even having to look at broly. In fact he hasn't even used it against some.

In Fact He Hasn't Even Used It Against Some.

Battling against jiren from universe 11,. Jiren is stronger than belmod, enough so that he undeniably wins, and at his peak could match top ui goku with effort. A tremendously more powerful ui goku, is very inferior to my vegeta, the latter is inferior to granolah, the latter is inferior to gas (when he gets used to it) and the latter is and will continue to be inferior to beerus.

It Drains His Stamina At An Exponential Level, Meaning The Longer The Fight Goes On, The Better Chance Broly Has Of Winning.

The legendary super saiyan, broly: I also stream twitch and do pokémon breaks on tuesday, thursday, and saturdays at 4pm est! Here are a number of highest rated ui broly pictures on internet.

I Wish Phone Videos Were Just Straight Up Banned.

Whis without ui oneshow beerus who is stronger than broly. Ui goku easily beats jiren (fp). Even without ui whis is still 50% stronger than beerus and 100% stronger than broly.

Current Ui Goku Is Like 10X Stronger So If Beerus Is Supposedly Still Stronger Then His Strength Got Retconned.

Ui is pretty much designed for speed, and allows the user to dodge. When the people of a society agree that sacrificing a child is. A curated selection of 64 4k ultra hd broly (dragon ball) wallpapers.

On The Other Hand, The Plot Makes Us Think That Broly Ssjfp Is Comfortably Superior To Ui Goku (Top) And Jiren (Beyond Limits), But All 3 Are In The Same League.

Beerus has already been capped to be around the same level as the other gods, albeit top 2. The only being who is able to hit ui goku consistently is jiren. He has access to his own super saiyan form, the legendary super saiyan.

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