Can Steam Damage Iphone

Can Steam Damage Iphone. I left my phone about 2 metres away from the shower and after the shower there wasnt any condesation on the phone but there was some around it. But im still worried that it might be damaged.

Can water damaged iPhones be saved? Lovefone, London from

Posted by 2 hours ago. Can steam damage iphone 11? But im still worried that it might be damaged.

Is It Ok To Do That Or Can It Damage The Phone On The Long Run.

Posted by 2 hours ago. Steam can damage an iphone because the device is not made to withstand such moisture. Pics go on instagram etc.

Steam Is Water After All.

Symptoms included, the volume turning down by itself, the microphone not working during calls, the earpiece not working during calls, system sounds. Yes it can damage your phone. The 2 white dots inside the phone that indicate how much water has got in havent been effected.

Apple Advises That The Iphone Should Not Be Used In Environments Such As A Steam Room, Shower And Extremely Humid Conditions.

Nothing extreme, but nevertheless, when it came out of that bathroom, it started to malfunction. Technically, steam is the gaseous form of water, is *invisible*, and is about 212 degrees f (100 c) or higher if superheated. What you’re seeing is condensation.

I Guess I Shouldn't Bring My Phone In The Bathroom If I Shower.

There have been stories about how shower steam can trigger the moisture sensors in the iphone. Iphone's are only splash and water resistant, not waterproof. In addition to its other guidance regarding water exposure, apple advises that iphone 7 should not be used in environments such as steam rooms or other extremely humid conditions.

Not From Shower, From Food (Pics Of Food For Instagram) Question.

If you have roommates, this may not be an option, though. But im still worried that it might be damaged. Leaving your bathroom door open while you shower would probably let enough steam out that it would be fine.

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