Can Steel Cases Be Reloaded

Can Steel Cases Be Reloaded. If you could get decent steel cases, yes, you could reload them, technically. This is where a good quality case prep center comes handy.

Reloading steel case 7.62x54r
Reloading steel case 7.62x54r from

Steel cases can be reloaded with any of our carbide dies, as long as they do not have berdan primers. I've definitely noticed that some economy priced brass seems more prone to discoloration than premium stuff and i take that stuff, the few steel cases i reload just because most people say it can't be done and as an ongoing experiment into how durable steel cases are compared to brass and worn through nickel=plated cases and the few chocolate cases i dry. But aluminum made bullet case is wholly inconsistent for reuse.

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 the case material and the primer.  brass is softer than steel, so it is easier to work on a press. I tumble clean them, reload them, then shoot them in places where i can't retrieve or have a hard time retrieving the empties.

If It Is Worth The Trouble Is Another Question.

We are only showing that its possible in a worst case scenario. I have reloaded steel cased.223 and.45 acp just to see if if could be done and yes it can, but i don't go out of my way to pick up steel cases of any caliber. So the more you work it, the less reliable the case will be, the less neck tension you will have & the more erratic the loads will be.

Steel Likely Will Shorten That Up.

Well, one did split, and when it did, it split just like i've seen brass cases split. While steel cases can be reloaded, it is not cost effective or easy to reload berdan primed cases (steel or brass). Steel cases are not as ductile/elastic as brass and very difficult to resize.

Steel Isn’t Likely To Last Through As Many Reloading Trips As.

In terms of actually reloading them, there really isn’t that much difference from reloading any other rifle cartridge. Until very recently 7.62×39 steel could be purchased new cheaper than it could be reloaded. The mild steel can be reloaded, but isn't as ductile as brass.

There Are Several Reasons Steel Cases Are Not Commonly Reloaded.

That left the only reason to reload 7.62×39 to get loads that weren't commercially available. Lane experienced failures of steel cases in three out of 30 cases that he handloaded up to three times. Their good quality may increase the lifespan of.

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