Can You Put Premium Gas In A Honda Civic

Can You Put Premium Gas In A Honda Civic. For example mines in wa is 92 octane for premium and i think 93 in ca. A car that does not require premium gas may not have any added benefits:

2020 Honda Civic Si Review The Best 26,000 Car You Can Buy from

So unless ur civic is turboed its better just going for the cheapest and saving yourself some money. The way i look at it is running higher octane gas is probably the way to go with a turbo charged engine regardless if you can run 87 octane. The ecu wasn't set up properly from the factory to save the engine from detonation when owners filled up the car with regular gasoline.

Paying More To Pump Premium Gas Into A Car Designed For.

That means that the answer is likely no to the following question: I guess whomever you brought the car from didnt take care of you and just wanted your money. This is an older thread, you may not receive a response, and could be.

If Your Car Says “Premium Fuel Recommended,” You Have A Choice — You Can Run Regular, Midgrade, Or Premium.

My reference is from a head honda mechanic in the field for 20 years. We contacted acura and nissan, asking why they recommend using premium gas. This is bad becasue it harms your vital engine parts such as.

Can You Use 87 Octane In A Car That Uses Premium Gas?

There are 3 types of fuel classified based on octane rating: Here are the outcomes of putting a premium gas in a regular gas car. Yes, but you should refer to your owners manual and use what it tells you.

Using Premium Gas In A Regular Car Will Cost You More With Almost No Added Benefits.

Honda engines are not currently certified or designed to run on e85 or any other alternative fuel. Should i use premium gas in my honda civic 2016 ? The higher the octane number, the longer the fuel compresses before it ignites.

Yes By Your Choice, But It May Depends Also What Fueling Station You Go To And The Quality Of Their Gasoline.

So unless ur civic is turboed its better just going for the cheapest and saving yourself some money. An acura spokesperson referred us to the tlx’s owner’s manual, which states, “use of. Put in premium, and it's never to soon to switch.

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