Can You Run 2 Subs Off A Mono Amp

Can You Run 2 Subs Off A Mono Amp. The subs total impeadance has to equal the amps lowest impeadance to get max power. You can run 2 speakers off of a 1 channel amp, just that amp is way too little power for your subs.

Can you hook up 2 subs to a monoblock amp How to Hook Up Mono Block from

They subs are 4 ohm dvc, and i dont think the amp will put out enough rms power to make them work to thier full ability. I'm just wondering if it will pull the same resistance if it wire both parallel directly to it as it would if it wired sub 1 to sub 2 then to the amp. You can also run them into dvc subs to verify they are mono to each other.

You Can Add Much Subwoofers To The Mono Amp, But It Just Has To Be Configured Right.

Which would be unstable if. You have the same two speakers, but the amplifier has a 4 ohm output. If u run two 4ohm subs wired on mono ull get a 4 ohm load.

Would This Give Me 400W X 1 Rms @ 4 Ohms Mono To.

So it depends how you configure your subs and what your amp is rated at. Bridging 4 channel amplifier into 1 will result in a significant loss of power and could damage your amplifier or speakers. Depending on how much power the two amps use, you may or may not have to upgrade the power cables and fuses.

I'm Just Wondering If It Will Pull The Same Resistance If It Wire Both Parallel Directly To It As It Would If It Wired Sub 1 To Sub 2 Then To The Amp.

The amp will run two subs fine. Then you get the max output of your amp. The downfall here is you are also reducing your power by 50%.

You Can Also Get Another One Of Those Amps And Run One Sub Per Amp At 2 Ohms, Be Pushing 400W Rms To Each Sub, Which Is What It Can Handle.

If you have to bridge your amp, consult. The subs total impeadance has to equal the amps lowest impeadance to get max power. How to wire 2 ohm subs?

Yes, You Can Use Two Amplifiers To Get What You Want.

Im looking into buying a jl audio 1000w mono amp but do not know how to wire them to get a 2 ohm load. But if there two ohm subs and you hook two up to a mono amp, it would be one ohm. Because efficiency and power but forced to run 2 ohm.

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