Can You Shoot 38 Super In A 357 Magnum

Can You Shoot 38 Super In A 357 Magnum. (not in a.38 special gun even if it is +p). If the gun’s frame is designed to withstand the higher pressure of the.357, then obviously it can withstand the lower pressure of the.38 special.

Charter Arms 357 .357MAG 38 SPL Target Bulldog for sale from

(not in a.38 special gun even if it is +p). Can a 38 special revolver shoot 357 magnum rounds? A.38 revolver will only shoot.38 rounds.

I Have Never Had A 0.355 Groove Diameter Barrel That Could Not Easily Handle A 0.357 Bullet.

The.38 super cartridge will fit in some.357 magnum chambers, but not all. Your best bet is to sell or trade the supers to get your specials or 357 mags. .38 short colt,.38 long colt,.38 special,.357 magnum.

Like The.38 Super, The.357 Magnum Could Lob A Bullet At 1300 Fps.

The.38 super caliber has a fascinating history and is a bit of an underdog when stacked up to what shooters favor today. The cleaning mentioned above is because 38sp is shorter and a ridge can build up over time and make chambering 357 problematic. Have lots of.38 super ammo.

Put Them In A.38 Revolver, And The Cylinder Won’t Close Properly.

Can a.38 special shoot.357 magnum? The.357 magnum can load more power to give it at least 35,000 psi versus the 22,000 for the +p+.38 special. Can you shoot 38 super in a 38 special revolver.

On The Other Hand, If The Gun Can’t Handle Pressure Higher Than That Of A.38 Special, Then It Can’t Fire A.357 Magnum.

The idea was to prevent competitors from gaming the system by shooting. Many do this as.38 caliber ammo is generally cheaper than the.357 variety. Basically the only difference between the rounds is that a.357 is a longer round than a.38.

Can A 38 Special Revolver Shoot 357 Magnum Rounds?

A.38 revolver will only shoot.38 rounds. The two rounds are essentially the same diameter, but.357 cartridges are slightly longer. It will fit in both guns.

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