Charleston, South Carolina’s largest port city, is defined by the cobblestone roads, historic horse-drawn carriage and regal antebellum homes, especially in the historic French quarter and downtown Battery areas. A trip to Charleston reveals much about American life during the period of the civil war and the life of Charleston locals at the time call us now. Charleston served as a port for Union supplies and troops in the War Between the States. The nearby Fort Charleston had a key role in protecting Charleston from attacks by the Yankees. Today, Charleston is known as the” Charleston of the South” due to its premier waterfront destination, beautiful beaches and its status as one of America’s most historically important cities. Charleston’s premier attraction, the Charleston Southern Plantation, was the original home of slaves who were brought to the city to work in the plantations.

How to Charleston’s Ferries Also Serve Passengers?

Today, a comfortable, and environmentally-friendly alternative to traveling by land or sea is by taking a ride aboard one of Charleston’s ferries. Most ferries depart from four primary locations: Sullivan’s Island, Isle of Palms, Gaffney’s Island, and Beaufort Beach. A ride on a Charleston ferry gives passengers the chance to experience the city’s maritime history and see some of the historic sites Charleston has to offer, like the 16th century plantation mansions dotting the city. Many of Charleston’s ferries also serve passengers with lunch and beverages, or even have restrooms available on board.

When arriving in Charleston, tourists may take a short boat ride to Beaufort Beach, a popular beach town that is home to a popular annual event, the Beaufort Beach Film Festival. While at Beaufort Beach, tourists may visit the adjacent amusement park, Folly Beach, and the historic Charleston Navy Yard to take part in activities like kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, or just strolling and enjoying the beautiful weather. If a longer vacation is desired, it would be wise to hire a car and explore the area in person, or instead choose to charter a car and drive it around Charleston. Car rental services can provide a fun and convenient way to travel while exploring all that Charleston has to offer.