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Dbz Fan Base. There are different levels of canon. 8 teen gohan, vegito (ssgss), base goku fans of the original dragon ball z run are likely to cite teen gohan as one of the best characters of the series, which makes this team perfect for that kind of person.

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Dragon ball legends (unofficial) game database. Movies, specials, tv series, ovas, manga, game stories, etc. Goku met her when he used the time room to travel back in time to.

Despite Its Story, There Are A Few Things That Dragon Ball Gt Gave Us That Are Honestly Cool.

Toriyama is also admittedly kind of shit at keeping details straight ( like that time he forgot the different super sayian forms. Find dragon ball z videos, photos, wallpapers, forums, polls,. Saiyan saga z gang incloud goku vs cui.

Shiningfetus 4 Years Ago #1 You Don't See This With The Latin American, European Or.

The dragon ball fan base suffers alot from toxic masculinity and elitists, but i actually dont think its the worst fan base out there. The issue that you come across is the demographic of who actually visits this subreddit and contribute to the subreddit. For the [not] so redundant dragon ball matchups.

Hunter X Hunter Is Like A “Tame” Version Of The Naruto Fanbase.

Like goku and vegeta’s super saiyan 4 transformation. Especially if you’re not a fan of naruto or you don’t “include” it in your list of the best anime of all time. Dragon ball legends (unofficial) game database.

Naruto Cared More About Their Characters.

Everybody likes dbz so if you're going against the dbz fandom you're going against team earth. The extension made naruto’s fan base drop significantly. Nappa punched out tien’s arm, but he was still okay to continue the fight.

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But sometimes, they are so blindly loyal to their favorite character and its franchise.with their ow. 7 years ago #16 daredevil21134 i have to say it seems like every website i go on dc seems to either have more fans than marvel fans or dc fans or. There are different levels of canon.

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