Debnath Surname

Debnath Surname. Her father, surendra debnath is a retired civil servant and her mother, hiran bala debnath is a homemaker. It can also be found as a variant:.

Couple Get Birth Certificate for Newborn Without Surname from

They love to dress in a proper way. She was born in kolkata, west bengal, india. Surname in the united states of america.

This Means That Debnath Is The.

Surname (or family name) debnath has indian origin, most common language spoken by them is bengali, they are originated and/or found widely in west bengal state. All are in the nath sampradaya. You are attracted to a cause or a movement whose purpose is to make a better world.

North Carolina Had The Highest Population Of Debnam Families In 1840.

The most debnam families were found in united kingdom in 1891. There are many more sunames in the nath sampradaya like biswas, bhattacharya, pandit,achariya and so many. But everyone have shiv gotra.

There Are Many More Sunames In The Nath Sampradaya Like Biswas, Bhattacharya, Pand.

They are with the lineage to the classical shivite yogis and primarily associated with nath. With the family name debnath. She passed her llb and llm from university of rajshahi.

େଦବନାଥ) Occurs In India More Than Any Other Country Or Territory.

Meanings for debnath it is an indian surname. Some the family took debnath surname on the basis of their original family status in the society in previous period. The last name debnath (bengali:

There Are No Basic Difference Between “Nath And Debnath”.

A notable person with this name is somen debnath, an indian activist. First names for debnath raj debnath 136 prince debnath 96 angel debnath 92 debnath debnath 74 sujan debnath 54 krishna debnath 54 rock debnath 47 suman debnath 42 sujit debnath 41 sri debnath 40 hari debnath 40 sukanta debnath 39 puja debnath 36 sankar debnath 35 joy debnath 35 priyanka debnath 34 biswajit debnath 32 sree debnath 29 amit debnath 29 Many of the modern surnames in the dictionary can be traced back to britain and ireland.

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