Deer Hunting With 7.62 X39

Deer Hunting With 7.62 X39. For the 7.62×39, there are more hunting ammo loads on the market than you might realize. Wolf polyformance 123 grain hollow points are a great deer.cartridge.

Deer Hunting with the Ruger American Ranch 7.62×39! YouTube from

Yes it is if you know it’s limits. First off use a good hunting round not surplus military ammo. Never used it to hunt, but would not have.

Memmories With The Ruger Mini 30 7.62X39.

First off use a good hunting round not surplus military ammo. All were good shots and the deer didn’t suffer. If most of your hunting can reasonably be done within 200 yards.

It’s Very Capable Of Ethically Taking Hogs And Deer Up To 200 Yards With Decent Ammo.

7.62×39 sp has been used for years with successful results.the hornady rd. I am not a fan of the amax bullet but my gun wont shoot them, might also have twist issues with a 75 grain bullet,, but it might not. The recoil of 7.62×39 is easy to manage and easy to handle.

There Is Nothing Wrong With Shooting Deer With 7.62X39 Ammo.

Pics / vid required for validation. If you can't hit with your rifle you shouldn't be hunting. Alright everyone, i have a norinco sks.

I'm A Handloader, But I Have Hunted With Factory Ammo.

I watched him shoot deer out to 150 and 175 yards right in the neck and they dropped where they stood. In tight bush, iron sights would be better than a 12 power. Most deer are taken at 100 yards or less and there is plenty of power to do the job.

Yes It Is If You Know It’s Limits.

That means more practice with the rifle and better proficiency with it in the field. Popular hunting cartridge could the 7.62×39. Hunting deer with a.223 or 7.62×39?

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