Difference Between 2032 And 2025 Battery

Difference Between 2032 And 2025 Battery. What’s the difference between cr2032 and cr2025 batteries? The cr2025 battery is less durable.


As you can imagine now, the cr2032 has a diameter of 20mm and a thickness of 3.2mm. But they are different in thickness: For example, the cr2025 is 2.5mm thick while the cr2032 is 3.2mm thick, which leads to differences in weight (cr 2025 has 170mah capacity with 0g whereas cr 2032 has 235 mah capacity at 1 g) as well as power consumption (3v vs.

The Cr2032 Is Therefore 20 Mm In Diameter And 3.2 Mm Thick.

They both have a diameter of two centimeters. Most devices will accommodate both the batteries, but the cr2032 will sit more snugly in the battery compartment. You can find these two cell batteries in a wide variety of electronic devices like watches, calculators, glucose monitors and computers.

As Noted Earlier, The Voltage Of The Cr2032 And Cr2025 Is The Same At 3V.

However, their capacities are different. These batteries are also known as dl2025 vs dl2032, and they can be without. The capacity of the batteries :

Therefore, It Can Be Used To Power Smaller Devices Such As Toys, Calculators, Laser Pens.

Being bigger, the typical capacity of a cr2032 battery is logically higher than the capacity in 2025. While 2025 has a diameter of 0.45 inches and height of 0.04 inches, 2032 measures 0.47 x 0.03 inches. So, how can you use a cr2032 instead of a cr2025?

Since The Cr2032 Is 0.7Mm Thicker Than The Cr2025, It Has A Higher Capacity (Mah) To Deliver The Current To The Load.

The cr2032 battery is comparatively more. The cr2032 is 3.2mm thick while the cr2025 is 2.5mm thick. The cr2025 batteries have a thickness of about 2.5 mm.

The Only Difference Between These Two Batteries Is Their Size:

The same goes for cr2025 and cr2016, where the difference in. The cr2016 is 20 mm in diameter with a 1.6 mm thickness. Since the difference in thickness between the cr2032 and the cr2025 is just 0.7 mm, it is usually possible to fit either one.

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