Does Smoking Weed Make Your Voice Deeper

Does Smoking Weed Make Your Voice Deeper. I mean, just think about it, musicians and marijuana just go together. It takes about six weeks to get fully out of your system but there are slight electrochemical effects on the brain that are ‘ burned in ‘ and difficult to erase.

Why does someone who makes their living with their voice (singers from

So im always like wtf. But, if you smoke weed like cigarettes, your voice will of course be more likely to be deeper. Middle or high notes in the mix will be harder to coordinate for most cannabis junkies.

I Think The Fact That Marijuana Is An Oil Based Resin, While Tobacco Is A Tar Based Resin Makes Weed Easier On Your Lungs.

It will result in hoarseness, decreased voice (singing) range, and other voice side effects. #1 marijuanasmokes, sep 7, 2010. Try using a humidifier in your bedroom at night.

I Smoked For 9 Years And It Was The Most Stupid Decision I Have Ever Made.

If you only smoke on special occasions it may not be an issue. Often they are concerned that they may be damaging their voices. All in all, i do not recommend taking this path if you want a deeper voice.

Why Does Smoking Make Your Voice Deeper?

So im always like wtf. Give me your thoughts on this topic Ok welll im a girl and i have a average girl voice when im sober, idk why but when i smoke weed my voice sounds different.

If You Are Worried, See A Doctor.

As a result, this causes swelling of the vocal cords which prevents them from working properly. When i smoke weed i just get negative fucked up thoughts about everyone. Smoking anything, either cannabis or tobacco, will harm the throat and lungs.

My Friends Voices Don't Change.

And even if it isn't good for your singing voice, she obviously would not be the first singer to smoke heavily. In this post, we will discuss smoking weed: When it comes to polarizing health topics, few subjects spark more debate than weed (except maybe crossfit or.

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