Does Sofia Vergara Really Have An Accent

Does Sofia Vergara Really Have An Accent. “what’s wrong with being a stereotype? Can sofia vergara speak without an accent?

Sofia Vergara in Navy Blue Marchesa Dress at the 2016 Oscars from

In an interview, sofia said: It helps that the former t.v. It’d be weird to see (or hear?) sofia vergara without an accent, or sounding completely american.

She's So Relatable To Me, As Someone Who Embraced His Accent!

To quote sofia vergara herself: Can sofia vergara speak without an accent? In fact, during the start of her hollywood career, sofia vergara tried multiple times to let go of her colombian accent.

Eight Years Ago, Nobody Had An Accent Like This On Tv,” Defending Her Character Gloria In Modern Family.

Sofía vergara has spoken out amid the ellen degeneres controversy. In the clip, ellen is poking fun at vergara’s pronunciation of certain ingredients in a cosmetics commercial. Modern family actress sofia vergara has said that her accent is real.

She’s Speaking Out Following An Old Clip Of Ellen Making Fun Of Vergara’s Accent.

Tv siren sofia vergara says her colombian accent is so thick that even she sometimes struggles to understand what she says. All because of her thick accent. Truth is, she does not exaggerate or fake her accent, it is the way she speaks.

20 Surprising Facts About Modern Family's Sofia Vergara.

What does sofia vergara say about ellen? Nightfam have you ever heard of sofia vergara? Sofia and her character, gloria, both hail from colombia, so while many may wonder if sofia puts her accent on for the character, the truth is that her accent is real.

I Thought We'd Give It A Twist And Let Sony.

Presenter and model is attractive and hilarious to the max. I tell them, 'yeah, i guess i'm not that good an actress!' still, she admits, her comedic instincts may, at times, cause her to emphasize certain pronunciations i do make the accent a little stronger. “what’s wrong with being a stereotype?

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