Does Submarine Have Windows

Does Submarine Have Windows. Why is it that russians have windows on the sail of some of their submarines? Civilian and research submarines can and some do have windows.

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Historically, submarines were submerged almost the entire time. The atlantis submarines all have windows. Us subs don't because they don't spend as much time in arctic areas, though when they do, i'll bet the crew would prefer windows.

Why Do Subs Not Have Windows?

A sphere is an object that has the same shape on every 'side', so there are no weak points. The only windows were periscopes, which were operated by an officer on deck. (unless the submarine was never going to go very deep, in which case the windows wouldn't need to be as strong.) for another way that the spherical shape is used in building a submarine, take a look.

Historically, Submarines Were Submerged Almost The Entire Time.

Military submarines have no need or desire for windows. And the reason those windows don't crack under extreme water pressures, is #not. They are used in some submarines as bridge viewing windows, but they're subjected to.

Submarines Have Only Periscopes For Outside Vision, And Those Are Only Used Close To The Surface, A Periscope Depth (Pd).

Why is it that russians have windows on the sail of some of their submarines? No, navy submarines don't have windows or portholes so the crew can watch undersea life. Using external lights to allow people to look through a window would defeat the purpose of being stealthy.

Besides, There Is Nothing To See.

There is no reason to have a window because submarines are submerged almost all the time. Submariners can look around 360 degrees with the periscope to find other ships and aircraft in the area and to gain information on a. Though not a window, periscopes were considered windows.

Us Subs Don't Because They Don't Spend As Much Time In Arctic Areas, Though When They Do, I'll Bet The Crew Would Prefer Windows.

Russian subs have windows on the sail so that the crew has a bit more shelter when cruising on the surface in the cold. So a window in a submarine would be shaped like a sphere, or a section of one. Windows pose a huge safety risk for military that is unacceptable, as glass can’t withstand anywhere near the pressures of the steel alloys used for the same thickness.

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