Double Leg Setups

Double Leg Setups. Squat slightly down and bring arms back behind body on either leg. Swing arms forward and jump high and far.

Some Slick Throws & Double Leg Setups! YouTube from

The second is an arm post setup to a blast double leg takedown. More importantly, we want to draw their hands up to defend by either blocking or catching our jab. Immediately pull heels to buttocks.

More Importantly, We Want To Draw Their Hands Up To Defend By Either Blocking Or Catching Our Jab.

A simple example is using a jab to setup a double leg take down. Land with feet slightly in front of body and arms behind body to each side. Setups to double leg by ben askren //in this wrestling ttraining video, ben askren teaches setups to a double leg, shooting finishing leg double.this wrestli.

It Is Very Important To Get Deep Penetration On Your Shot In Order To Counter Your Opponent’s Defense And Be In A Good Position To Finish.

There are many different types of double legs and some are better than others in certain situations. First lets look at the key principles needed to execute a double leg takedown. You can accomplish this without touching them.

Just As The Name Implies, It Involves Attacking Both Legs At Once In Order To Secure The Takedown.

This type of setup is all about timing. The double leg is a high percentage takedown. First one is a arm snap setup to a traditional double leg takedown.

Cycle Into High Knee Position.

Using misdirection is a great way to set up a double leg. In this video, william abreu covers 2 setups for the double leg takedown. He does his doubles from tie ups where he pulls his opponents over him if they're leaning very similar to a duck under he gets to double knee drop then starts doing running through them.

If The First Finish Is Not Successful, It Will Set Up A Dump Finish.

Making sense of the double leg takedown shoulder placement. And it is not only used in that sport, but also in many others like freestyle wrestling, bjj, grappling, sambo, sanshou…etc. Begin to pull arms back just before descent.

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