Erza Scarlet Vs Zoro

Erza Scarlet Vs Zoro. It features erza scarlet from fairy tail and roronoa zoro from one piece. Erza scarlet is a character from the anime/manga fairy tail.


Roronoa zoro (op) versus erza scarlet (fairy tail verse). And erza scarlet, the battle mage of the fairy tail guild. Who will win in a fight between roronoa zoro (op) and erza scarlet (fairy tail verse)?

And Erza Scarlet, The Battle Mage Of The Fairy Tail Guild.

You stare in surprise before grinning. This is a little closer then the db fight because erza has some retarded feats during the alvarez empire arc like blocking an attack from a bloolusted grey and e.n.d natsu and having all her bones crushed by irene's dragon form but was still able to beat her(with wendy's help) the db version they used for zoro was post dressrosa ima still say zoro wins due to speed and still. They hope to be the best of the best, and this battle will prove it!click to subscribe:

Today, I Will Be Listing The Super Powers Of The Anime Sword Slashers, Roronoa Zoro From Fairy Tail And Erza Scarlet From Fairy Tail.

She fought roronoa zoro in an episode of death battle. Erza scarlet is one of the main protagonists of the fairy tail series. Erza scarlet is a character from the anime/manga fairy tail.

She Previously Fought Roronoa Zoro In An Episode Of Death Battle.

However, i can see erza taking this victory more. Roronoa zoro, the feared swordsman of the straw hat pirates. Your sword cuts through erza's sword setting fire to the shattered pieces as erza jumps back.

Unfortunately For Erza, Zoro Ranks Just A Little Higher On The Outrageous Power Tier.

A good argument can be made for either winning. Past, present, or future, one kind of fighter has stood the test of time, the swordsman. Female, fairy tail characters, anime/manga characters, and 24 more erza scarlet view source erza scarlet is a character from the anime/manga fairy tail.

Despite Her Intimidating Exterior, She Deeply Cares For Her Comrades And Treats Them As If They Were Family, As She Lost Her Own After Her Hometown Was Ransacked By Fanatical Worshippers Of The Dark.

Erza takes this high difficulty. And today's combatants are two of the most skilled warriors to ever wield a blade. Completed fights are in bold erza scarlet vs asuka langley sohryu darth vader vs erza scarlet erza vs esdeath erza vs noire erza vs sasuke erza scarlet vs ben tennyson erza scarlet vs ben tennyson rematch erza scarlet vs raiden erza scarlet vs.

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