Fine With It

Fine With It. I'm fine with (something) this phrase means that you're ok with something, or you don't mind it. Thats fine with me phrase.

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However, the following are common: The author is trying to say that it's fine to me is not a common expression, and that using it instead of it's fine with me will make the speaker sound as if he is not a native english speaker. I'm fine with (something) this phrase means that you're ok with something, or you don't mind it.

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'shall we meet at 8pm?' 'that's fine with me.' or 'yes, i'm fine with with that.'. Hope this is fine with you.if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I installed raspbmc and i can watch avi and mpg movies just fine without that license.

I Hope You Don't Mind, If I.

The referee [chris foy] had a super game but the decision was yellow and we are fine with that. I think you might mean it's fine with me or it's fine by me. it's fine with me, i'm fine with it, and it's fine by me all mean the same thing. 3 subway line along eastern parkway, and he knew crown heights because he had lived there.

We Are Fine With That.

Thats fine with me phrase. Does it ever haunt you, all you ever had in love / was an empty shell? Other synonyms that could be used are:

As Max Said, They Are Both Idioms.

> when i say, i'm fine with that, is this sentence, i'm ok with that right, too? I am fine with the explanation. he knew it was close to the kingston avenue stop of the no.

My Sense Is That The First Version Is Better Established And The Second Is A Little More Informal, Although Neither Is Really Very Formal.

(i don’t have a problem with what you said (or showed me) we don’t say “it’s fine to me” but we do say: It is decorated with fine taste and care. It's fine by me means both of the above (imo)

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