Fire Stars Death

Fire Stars Death. Brambleclaw watched helplessly as the ground continued to. Starclan has sent the message!

Firestar's Death by SketchyNeko on DeviantArt from

This map was a voice acted, storyboarded map based on tigerstar and firestar's final battle in omen of the stars:the last hope. Streaming from his whiskers, and stood beside. Sandstorm buried her nose deep intointo her mate's sodden fur.

He Joined Thunderclan As An Apprentice, Receiving The Name Of Firepaw, And Was Mentored By Lionheart.

The mighty leader, firestar emerged. Please comment below new video ideas i'd be greatful!song: We don't know how many lives he has left.

Suddenly A Streak Of Orange Fur Shot Past Him.

It may contain false characters, plots, or locations. It was an excellent greenleaf morning, the sky was clear and all cats were well. But not even the deepest fog could have obscured that one scent:

Firestar Had Ruined His Plans.

Firestar's nose twitched as he sniffed the air deeply, drinking in the warring scents of thunderclan and windclan. This video is about firestars death, he died by battlewounds and /. If he died from the tree, it demonstrates a consistent theme in warrior cats which is the brutality of nature, and by him, the hero, dying from a natural cause, it puts him on equal ground with all the other characters in the series who died from.

And, It's Shape Like A Tail!

Actually, firestar died because of his wounds, and since the scene where he dies is in dovewing's perspective,. I told you not to waste your final life, she whispered. Some were the new warriors, briarstripe and bumblebuzz.

He Had Even Pushed The Great Tigerstar To Ask For Help From A Kittypet Clan.

Now it's time to join starclan, kittypet! firestar wasn't prepared for darkstripe leaping on his shoulders and pinning him down. There is a heated debate in the reading community about what is written vs what is intended, but either way, firestar’s death was very fitting. Streaming from his whiskers, and stood beside.

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