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Fnaf 2 Night Guard. It was a simple half body thumbnail with a 100% done kind of energy, so i decided to use the thumbnail sketch to draw jeremy fitzgerald: Welcome to the night guard quiz, if you are on great if you aren't, then let's figure out which one you really are.

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Jeremy fitzgerald is the primary protagonist in five nights at freddy's 2. The previous night guard in fnaf 2? In the first nights phone call in the second game, phone guy mentions the previous night guard, and how he quit his shift due to the animatronics trying to break in to his office.

You Are The New Night Guard And Maintenance Worker At The Recently Opened 'Freddy Fazbears Mega Pizzaplex'.

Go to cam 11 and wind up the music box. Anything with a filter for any reason will be interrogated. Withered freddy, bonnie, chica, and withered foxy upgrading the fnaf 1 foxy model) make an appearance as additional risks to the participant.

Security Might Also Be A Nod To The Term Night Owl, Since The Security Guards Work Late At Night, And Like Owls, They Keep Watch.

It's also known that there are more than one version of the animatronics. Five nights at freddy's or also known as fnaf is a game of horror in which you control mike schmidt, a newly hired security guard for the night shift at a fast food restaurant. Mike schmidt is the security guard who works the night shift.

Welcome To The Night Guard Quiz, If You Are On Great If You Aren't, Then Let's Figure Out Which One You Really Are.

A fandom user · 11/17/2014 in general discussion. You were a 'normal' girl, until the night you started working at freddy fazbear's pizzeria. Search results for fnaf 2 nightguard.

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Featured submissions are not automatically approved. To clarify, this post is not asking for an explanation of how we know that michael afton is the night guard in fnaf 1 and 2 (under the aliases of mike schmidt and fritz smith, respectively), but rather seeking an understanding of why, from a character or story perspective, he would be working those night shifts. In fnaf 2, jeremy's death is in first person (with fritz' as well), and in fnaf 3, only a game over screen in big red bold text is shown.

In Five Nights At Freddy’s 2, The Old And Aging Animatronics Are Joined By A New Cast Of Characters.

After sister location, and sister location's custom night especially,. View, comment, download and edit fnaf 2 nightguard minecraft skins. Mike schmidt is the only person to be seen in a third person point of view, seen on the fnaf 1 game over screen.

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