Riggers Melbourne is one of the largest construction consulting companies in Australia. The company has been around since 2005 and continues to expand and develop strategies for both commercial and residential projects across the country. Although the focus of this company is primarily on commercial projects, it is not uncommon to find one or two residential projects in Melbourne as well.

Rigging Training and Safety Function

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This company was founded by Mr. Nicholas Gage, although he was the president and co-founder until Mr. Bruce Sherwin, a former high-rising star in the construction industry, decided to take over the management and leadership of the company. Mr. Gage remained in his role as president and continued to serve as a director until he sold his share of interests to Bruce Sherwin, the current president and chief executive officer of Riggers. Bruce Sherwin is also a former member of Acorn Investments, one of the most successful and prominent construction investment companies in the country. In fact, Bruce Sherwin and Mr. Gage founded Acorn in 1985 with the objective of becoming one of the world’s leading construction investment companies.

With a wide variety of skills and backgrounds, a project manager at Riggers Melbourne is expected to be able to handle any type of project and deal with all kinds of people. This is because the company is constantly looking out for ways to improve its delivery services so that clients are satisfied with the outcome of their project. As an example, a project manager might suggest changes to the budget, scheduling or time line of a project so that the project can get underway. A project management company will also analyze any potential problems with the project before it gets underway, enabling clients to avoid problems and get their construction jobs off to a smooth start.