Give The Formula For The Conjugate Acid Of Hso4

Give The Formula For The Conjugate Acid Of Hso4. The correct answer is (c) hso4−. The conjugate acid of a species is simply the original species plus a proton, h^+.

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H2so4 gives h + ion to form hso4 hence it is conjugate acid of hso4 and similarly hso4 accepts h+ ion to give h2so4 hence it is conjugate base of h2 so4 The correct answer is (c) hso4−. All the answers provided are checked by th.

The Species That Donates A Hydrogen Cation Or Proton In A Reaction Is A Conjugate Acid, While The Remaining Portion Or The One That Accepts A Proton Or Hydrogen Is The Conjugate Base.

An acidic substance is the substance that can give h+ ions. The conjugate acid of ch3nh2 is ch3nh3+. Here i am just answering one of my hw problems.

The Conjugate Acid Of Sulphate (So 4 2−) Is Hydrogen Sulphate (Hso 4 2−) Explore More Such Questions And Answers At.

Therefore, the sulfate ion ( so2−4 ) is the conjugate base of hso−4. The correct answer is (c) hso4−. For example methylamine in water chemical reaction:

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Ch3nh2 (aq)+ h2o (l) ⇌ ch3nh3? They are corrosive and sour in nature. The same idea applies to a base:

There Is None, H2So4 Is Already A Strong Acid.

N h 3 + h 2o <=> n h + 4 + oh − ammonia ( n h 3) is a base because is accepts h + from water to come its conjugate acid, the ammonium ion ( n h + 4 ). I will try to post as much hw as i canthis is for an ochem class. The conjugate acid of hso4 is h2so4.

What Is The Conjugate Acid Of Ch3Nh2?

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