Greek Word For Land

Greek Word For Land. The greek meaning for ‘land between two rivers’ mesopotamia. Γῆ, γῆς, ἡ part of speech:

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Sea, γῆ τε καὶ ἠέλιος καὶ ἐρινύες il. Hear the pronunciation, see example sentences and other related words. The greeks or hellenes (/ ˈ h ɛ l iː n z /;

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Χώρα (/kʰɔ᷄ːraː/), on the other hand, is the inhabited and cultivated land, the countryside, or the land in relation to men; The greek name aithiopia ( αἰθιοπία, from αἰθίοψ, aithíops, 'an ethiopian') is a compound derived of two greek words: Old english eorþe ground, soil, dirt, dry land;

The Earth, Soil, Land, Region, Country, Inhabitants Of.

Έλληνες, éllines) are an ethnic group and nation indigenous to the eastern mediterranean and the black sea regions, namely greece, cyprus, albania, italy, turkey, egypt and, to a lesser extent, other countries surrounding the mediterranean sea.they also form a significant diaspora (omogenia), with greek communities established. Αἴθω, aíthō, 'i burn' + ὤψ, ṓps, 'face'. A space, place, land usage:

(A) A Country Or Region, (B) The Land, As Opposed To The Sea, (C) The Country, Distinct From Town, (D) Plur:

Γη (gi) (standard modern greek) references The word for land in greek is ξηρά. Χώρα, ας, ἡ part of speech:

Earth (Including Land And Sea, Sapph.

The greeks or hellenes (/ ˈ h ɛ l iː n z /; ( geography) main town or village ( geography) country, (especially) homeland, country of birth synonym: In classical greek, the word γέα (/ɡé.aː/, generally contracted to γῆ, /ɡɛ᷇ː/) means the dry surface of the earth, or a specific region of it;

Hear The Pronunciation, See Example Sentences And Other Related Words.

Γῆ, γῆς, ἡ part of speech: Ἄρουρα), is a homeric greek word with original meaning arable land, derived from the verb ἀρόω (aroō), plough. Here is the translation and the greek word for land:

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