Harry Potter Godmother

Harry Potter Godmother. But when a certain criminal escapes from azkaban, dumbledore decides it's time for her. From that day forward the lazy days of summer transformed into a fascinating version of summer school.

Well they are related…still though Harry potter bellatrix lestrange from

Happy birthday to you warning(s): So perhaps his other godparents were frank and alice longbottom or another couple that died during the first war. Harry potter/theo nott i love this pairing so much.

That Very Morning Cassandra Took Them To The Oak Grove In The Forrest And Walked Them Through A.

He was excited, ecstatic even, to only have one more year at this hell whole he was supposed to call home. Homophobia “detention!” flitwick told them definitively and harry looked out of the corner of his eye at nott, who was decidedly not looking at him. To his surprise, harry learns that the woman is his godmother, tawny, and that his godfather, sirius, was madly in love with her.

Ariana Potter Was The Younger Sister Of Harry Potter, And Was Raised By Her Godmother, Minerva Mcgonagall.

Protected by not only lily's but also harry's love, she was untouchable. Harry, ron, and hermione find themselves listening to lupin tell the story of how sirius and tawny fell in love,. Oh my, let me introduce myself!

We All Know Everything About Harry Potter's Godfather Sirius Black, But What About His Godmother.

As to harry’s godmother, she is never confirmed, but there has been fan speculation that it was alice longbottom or marlene mckinnon. Happy birthday to you warning(s): Someone did mention molly weasley, but i can’t see that as she was significantly older than lily and wasn’t part of the original order of the phoenix.

Narcissa Malfoy's Eyes Were Gazing Around At The People Walking By The Cafe In A Bored Manner.

My name is jessalyn jax and i am harry potters godmother. with a flick of my wand the blinds closed and the room fell into darkness. Harry potter/theo nott i love this pairing so much. She has had to stay away from harry for most of his life, under strict orders from dumbledore, so she runs away from the magical world.

But When A Certain Criminal Escapes From Azkaban, Dumbledore Decides It's Time For Her.

In the will it state that harry was to be left to his godfathers sirius black and remus lupin, but if those to were unable to take him he was to go to his godmother narcissa malfoy nee black. Xxx french cafe in muggle london xxxxxx tuesday, july 30th, 1991 xxxxxx 0700 local time xxx. No knows why narcissa is listed as harry's godmother, until a letter from the late lily potter reaches the.

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