How Do You Say Going To Bed In Spanish

How Do You Say Going To Bed In Spanish. At what time do you usually go to bed. Me tengo que ir a la cama.

How To Say Bed In Spanish from

How to say do you want to go to bed? I am going to bed. From english to spanish submitted and enhanced by our users.

I Am Going To Bed In Spanish Is Voy A La Cama.

Irte a la cama, vete a la cama. But i think you need to hear it from a native. Go to bed when you start feeling sleepy.

The Spanish For Going To Bed Is Acostarse.

Solo cuando te vas a dormir. Me voy a la cama. We can use the imperative forms of the literal expression irse a la cama.

Acuéstense (Plural) Come On, Girls!

How to say i'm going to bed in spanish (me voy a la cama) we have audio examples from both a male and female professional voice actor. Haz la siesta o acuésta te un po co antes por la noche durante unos días. Now you know how to say go to bed in spanish.

How To Say Do You Want To Go To Bed?

More spanish words for go to bed. Bueno, me voy a la cama. Used to address multiple people) a.

Before You Go To Bed.

Bed someone / go to bed with someone. I'm going to bed, roger. The command ''go to bed'' can be translated in different ways.

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