How Expensive Are Mini Coopers To Maintain

How Expensive Are Mini Coopers To Maintain. The latter sets buyers back about $16,990, consumer reports shows. This is for a 2006.

YourMechanic's list of 20 most expensive cars to maintain over 10 years from

Factors that impact maintenance cost. 16000km before first service then 25000km thereafter It is a bit steep but not too much considering its sturdiness and dependability.

The Yearly Maintenance Is Often Double The Cost Of What Average Car Owners Pay.

The mini is relatively expensive to service, but not really expensive to maintain. However you can save money by having an independent dealership change the oil or by doing it yourself. Bscar august 31, 2010, 12:09am #8.

Indeed, The Average Yearly Cost To Cover A Mini Car Is $1,400.93, Which Ranks It Seventh On A List Of 36 Vehicles.

The mini cooper also costs more in maintenance and repairs compared to the overall average of $652 per year for all vehicle classes. But repairs are a lot more, comparatively (35%). Annual maintenance cost of a mini cooper.

Mini Cooper Oil Changes Are So Expensive Because They Require Synthetic Oil, Which Is More Expensive Than Regular Oil.

The only mini cooper service costs you’ll have to worry about are those that fall outside of your recommended maintenance schedule. You can only compare 3 cars at a time. Find the right used car for you.

Factors That Impact Maintenance Cost.

Just a few things to consider: Proof that the mini cooper costs more than most subcompacts starts in the showroom. There are also many things to think about when it comes to the mini cooper’s maintenance, which impact any issue with it.

With A New Vehicle, You’ll Enjoy Complimentary Maintenance For The First Three Years (Or 36,000 Miles) Of Ownership.

Mini coopers are, unfortunately, notoriously costly to maintain. Part of the reason that a mini is expensive to maintain is that it has a bmw engine and transmission in it. The maker of the mini is bmw.

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