How Smart Is Luffy

How Smart Is Luffy. However, after observing him a few times, luffy picked up his attack pattern. At times, he’s impulsive, bullheaded, absentminded, ignorant and unknowledgeable.

Is luffy actually smart? Quora from

Smart as luffy is, he came up with gear fourth. Characters who deserve higher bounties. 3 medical needs of a rubber man.

By Pumping Air Into His Muscles And Using The Maximum Output Of His Haki To Increase.

I don't think he's stupid, its just that he's not interested in anything that will increase his knowledge. Everyone on the crew has something they must excel at, luffy's is fighting. Luffy is kind of stupid but he is a combat genius.

The Greatest Scholar Of The Oharans.

Luffy is one of the fastest in the series, i am no dweeb that will actually calculate his movement speed or make sense of light speed in one piece. Luffy is considered to be a knucklehead most of the time, but he is definitely capable of making sensible decisions on one piece. However, he also shows clear signs of initiative, determination, maturity, thoughtfulness and focus.

4) Training For 2 Years By Fighting Monsters And Learning Haki.

He is somewhat smart because he developed gear 2nd and 3rd and he is smart in fights and can find enemies weaknesses, if it comes to common knowledge in the op world he knows little because he never reads newspapers as shown when he didn't even know who. Published on oct 19, 2017one piece episode#203 one piece best moments crazy one piece momentsluffy is smartdisclaimer:all rights goes to toei animationthanks. 1) was force trained by garp by being thrown off cliffs into woods and stuff.

With His Guidance, The Scholars Of Ohara Were Able To Figure Out The Existence Of The Ancient Kingdom, Their War With The World Government, And Likely Many Other Mysteries Of The Void Century And The Years Around It.

He developed his own fighting style, learned soru just by seeing it once and as you said used his devil fruit in a very clever way. That’s what smart successful people in the real world do. He is strong i can say but have limits of who he could.

Timeskip Luffy By Far Is Strong But I Think Not Strong Enough To Face Admirals But * Spoiler* Now As Luffy Trained In The Pirson Gaining Advance Armament Haki Ryou Maybe He’ll Be So Much Powerful By Now Can Take Admiral One By One Or Even 1St Commanders Of Yonkos.

He is just very casual and sees joy in the bigger picture and so the little things do not bother him too much. I've read and seen manny comments around that say luffy is an idiot. Characters who deserve higher bounties.

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