How Tall Is Moondrop Fnaf

How Tall Is Moondrop Fnaf. Go to /r/jarmedia to post fnaf related content. The estimated height of moondrop is between 6 feet to 7 feet.

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Moondrop didn't like you when it first saw you, unlike sunrise. Golden freddy (fnaf 2 hallway head if chin on the floor) 23. But there's no canon evidence i.

So I'm Guessing Abt 5'7?

They both belong to the same character, but each. Nightmare cupcake (fnaf 4) 28. I mean it doesn't really seem like it in the sb game, but i looked and gregory is around 4'5, and if sun/moon is twice his height, it'd be 8 feet almost?

Golden Freddy (Fnaf 1) 24.

Early into five nights at freddy's: Security breach as a recurring antagonist in his moon form. How tall is sundrop/moondrop from fnaf security breach?

But There's No Canon Evidence I.

Sun and moon or also known as sunrise and moondrop or sunny drop. Gregory is 4'8 and sun is a little taller than monty that probably means sun is under 6 feet tall since monty is 5'5. The sundrop is the daycare assistant who has an ‘alter ego’ of the moon.

How Tall Are Sundrop/Moondrop & Gregory In Fnaf Security Breach?

More commonly, the two personalities are referenced as sun and moon. There’s no confirmed height i just hope someone can figure it out. How tall is your moon compared to the average teen?,,,tal.

With Estimates Ranging From 5’ 7” All The Way Up To 9’ 4”, Fans Are Trying To Find A Definitive Answer To The Question Of Sundrop’s Height.

Toy cupcake (fnaf 2, toy chica) i didn't include the phantoms, and this is my personal opinion! It is important to note that there is no official statement from the developers of the game about the height of moondrop or sundrop. How tall is sundrop/moondrop in fnaf security breach?

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