How To Get Cicero's Armor

How To Get Cicero's Armor. Cicero's clothes can only be found in one place in all of skyrim: Once he’s paralyzed you still can’t take his outfit.

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The various pieces of cicero's armor can be found on his corpse (if you kill him) during the cure for madness. The third version is cicero as met during the quest delayed burial, his base id 000550f0, ref id 000550f1. As such, the only way to get this set of armor legitimately is to kill the night mother's keeper.

If You Talk To Him, He Offers You The Quest Delayed Burial And Tells You.

The version who can become your follower has ids as stated on this page. This method only works if cicero is spared and is the dragonborn's follower. Welcome to this second video in the elder scrolls v :

This Cicero Is Level 6, Unaggressive, Has Morality Of Property Crimes Only, And.

According to several wiki articles i've read, and based off my personal experience (100+ hours with him as my follower), cicero's top skills are light armour, one handed, archery and sneak. The way to get the armor and keep him alive involves a high pickpocketing skill level. Once he’s paralyzed you still can’t take his outfit.

Being Worn By Cicero Himself.

As annoying as i'm sure he is, i'd love to have his sneakiness. Change equipment with cicero 3. Like, comment, share, and subscribe!

Cicero Is Flagged As Essential Before The Cure For Madness.

The item id for cicero's clothes in skyrim on steam (pc / mac) is: Conjuration, destruction, alchemy, archery, sneak. You’re first going to want to paralyze him with a spell or by reverse pickpocketing a paralysis potion on to him.

Skyrim Where I Will Be Discussing One Of The Hardest Decisions In Skyrim And Thats On Why You Should Ki.

This version is taller than the other two (other two have a scale factor of 0.9). I reeally want the enchantments on cicero's armor to be on my worn shrouded armor, but i can't disenchant it, or any of the dark brotherhood items at all (shrouded, jester armor and blade of. Obtaining cicero's outfit without the perfect touch perk is also possible;

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