How To Join Lions Club

How To Join Lions Club. All it takes is asking one family member, friend or neighbor. Ask if you can attend a meeting to learn more about the club and its service projects.

Contact & Join from

You’ll be able to meet other fans, get. Along with the traditional club chartering paperwork, you will need to turn in the following items: Or officer (see officers page) *** the only cost is having to put up with us for an hour.

Membership In A Lions Club Is By Invitation From A Local Club.

If you're interested in being invited to join an existing lions club: Affiliate members are also ineligible to hold club, district. If you would like more information about lions, please feel welcome to attend a breakfast, business meeting.

Look For A Club Near You.

You can easily become a member of the lions club by contacting the restive lions club. 1st and 3rd thursday of each month. Allows relatives living in the same house to volunteer together at a reduced dues rate.

If Interested In Lions You May Pick A Sponsor Or A Sponsor Will Be Assigned To You.

To become a lion, you must be of legal majority, good moral character and good reputation in your community. Any northside lions club member. Or officer (see officers page) *** the only cost is having to put up with us for an hour.

Whether You’re Interested In Becoming A Lion Or Leo, Or Requesting Service From A Club, This Is The Place To Do It.

We serve, which to lions means selfless service to others in need in our local communities. Lions clubs are powered by compassionate men and women with a desire to serve through action. With more than 47,000 clubs around the world, chances are good that there’s one in your community or in a community nearby.

Tell The Local Club You Are Considering Membership And Want To Attend A Meeting To Learn More.

Although membership is by invitation only, if you would like to join us and become a member, just let us know. Please complete the form below to learn more about becoming a lions club member. We hope that our members will.

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