Hunter Axe Vs Saw Cleaver

Hunter Axe Vs Saw Cleaver. Layer 1 bonus door glyph: Just remember to swap back after as the short version is superior in every other aspect.

Quality Weapons Bloodborne from

It was also one of the first weapons to be revealed for this game. As one of the starting weapons; Retains the qualities of an axe, but offers a wider palette of attacks by transforming.

It Outputs More Damage Than The Threaded Cane , But Lacks The Range And Power Of The Hunter Axe.

Jason2678 3 years ago #4. Saw cleaver is faster, but hunter axe has better rallying and has a few moves that smash into the ground for blunt damage, as well as everyone's favorite charged r2 move. If you plan on using the kirk , i would say go with the cleaver simply because of the better strength scaling and because the kirk's normal r2 is a thrust.

The Saw Cleaver Lets You Still Use A Gun In The Transformed Weapon State.

Boasts a heavy blunt attack, leading to high rally potential. You really can't go wrong with it. Purchase after getting sword hunter badge:

The Axe Has A Great Spin To Win Move That Is Useful For New Players And Experienced Alike.

It's also the weapon you see most speedrunners use aswell. Layer 1 bonus door glyph: While you gain the speed of the saw cleaver and range of the hunter axe, it lacks the damage and stopping power of both.

You Can Have Your Gun Out In Both Forms, And The Transitioning Strikes Are Better.

However, the saw cleaver scales more with strength. One of the trick weapons of the workshop, commonly used on the hunt. Other than that the axe is better in many people's opinions.

It Was Also One Of The First Weapons To Be Revealed For This Game.

Go for both the saw cleaver and the hunter's axe. If you want to try them both out, you can pick one now and get the other by the time you finish the first area of the game. No matter their pasts, beasts are no more than beasts.

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