I Feel Like Garbage

I Feel Like Garbage. Sometimes in life we can feel down and unsure about ourselves and our purposes; I'm only four weeks but i feel like absolute garbage.

I feel like garbage today… Drawception from

0 votes and 0 comments so far on reddit I’m always dizzy especially when i stand up or lift my arms over my head. Talking with an old friend brings a new energy to your current mood.

I Feel Like Garbage Most Days And I’m Absolutely Terrified To Go To Slee7 Because Of My Heart Rate Getting So Low.

I’m just looking for some advice this isn’t normal You’re never going to realize your potential and worth if you put yourself down. You eat garbage, and you feel like garbage.

It’s Ok To Feel Like Shit.

It can just be a quick “thinking of you” text. Try going to bed earlier. Like i have the flu but no fever, sneezing or coughing.

Talking With An Old Friend Brings A New Energy To Your Current Mood.

When someone is nice to you, you assume that they want something from you. If you’ve gotten this far and you still feel like trash. What we’re really here for.

You Might Not Be Sleeping As Much As You Think You Are.

Or you might not be getting quality sleep. In australia, call lifeline on 131114. In canada, call the suicide prevention service on 1.833.456.4566.

Investing In Soft, Reliable Things:

Watching, listening to and reading whatever i damn well wanted. I am not an emotionally healthy person. All you know is that their kindness can’t be genuine.

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