I'm 17 And A Virgin

I'm 17 And A Virgin. You also don't want to be pregnant at the age of 17. And no, i'm not a christian, i just wanna have sex when i'm married because that just seems smart to me (because hoes these days could cheat on me with another dude), so ask me anything.

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Hello there, i'm 17 and still a virgin, you are not alone, although my status is due to change in the next 2 weeks if we get lucky, but still it's okay to still be a virgin at this age. I'm 17 and still a virgin ask me anything. >> start new discussion reply.

Uhh, Its Not That Bad If Your 15 Year Old Virgin, I;D Hate To Think Of 13 And 14 Year Olds Doin That.

The cool kidz are also gonna wind up 23 years old with 4 kids and a job under $8.00 an hour. The average age of loss of virginity is around 17 years old. I'm 17 and a virgin;

Back In 1800, Being A Virgin When Getting Married Was Standard, Normal And Even Looked On As A Good Thing, But Nowadays Pretty Much Everyone Has Sex Before Marriage…And Plenty Of It.

So losing your virginity and having sex you should fist take birth control just to prevent pregnancy. I have had quite a lot of difficulty in the past with eating disorders. I'm 17 and still a virgin ask me anything.

Yet Research Actually Shows That More People Are Remaining Virgins For Longer.

There is no shame in being honest with yourself. Today, in the united states for example, the average age for a guy to lose his virginity is 17. In an urban society where everyone’s anonymous, no on really knows if you’re a virgin.

But Now That We Not Together Its A Little Easier Off The Mind Really Xd But I Would Say Be Proud Of Your Virginity, Because Most People Who Give There Virginity At This Age Regret It In The Future Really.

Yet there are many reasons that a thirty or fortysomething. When you go out to lose your virginity, do it for you, not for them. It is definately not a bad thing to still be a virgin at the age of 17, if anything it shows a lot of responsibilty and self respect aswell as good moral standards.

Hello There, I'm 17 And Still A Virgin, You Are Not Alone, Although My Status Is Due To Change In The Next 2 Weeks If We Get Lucky, But Still It's Okay To Still Be A Virgin At This Age.

Go to first unread skip to page: Sex can have some pretty big consequences, like stds and pregnancy. ( not gonna tell you i’m a 28 old virgin with a height of just 5’4.) 3.

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