Is Et Toi Formal Or Informal

Is Et Toi Formal Or Informal. You say “je vais bien, et toi?” (“i am doing well, and you?”). The main difference here is that we’ve replaced vous with tu in the question and et.

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If you consider you partner as a friend or a member of you family,you say:et toi?.it's the informal way.but when you speak with your boss for example or a person wich is older than you,you must keep an amount of must say:et vous?.it's the same thing with strangers:people that you don't know. This makes asking the simple question how are you? slightly more complicated than in english. Synonym for et vous vous is formal, toi is informal.

Here Is A Guide To The French Yous, Including An In Depth Analysis Of Tu Versus Vous.

A formal 'you' in french is 'vous'. Same meaningl|2nd person singular pronoun (anata wa)|they are both mean and you? but they are used in different conditions: You can also use toi for emphasis.

Tu Is Informal Singular You.

Et tu is the informal way of saying 'and you', et vous is the formal version. If you'll come, my brother, you'll be made a caporal, and you a colonel, and you a general. The difference in usage is whether a verb follows the ‘you’ or not.

Learn The French Yous, Including A Complete Analysis Of Tu Vs Vous + Phrases To Switch.

Thus, in saying “how are you (lit. Toi is also informal singular you but is the direct object. 1) the you is in plural.

Hence, “Être À Tu Et À Toi” Is To Use The Informal “Tu” With Somebody.

If you’re unsure, it’s always best to stick to s’il vous plait. How do you pronounce royz et vous? You will use vous when talking to people that are older than your self, bosses etc but it is also used when you don't know a person.

How To Say “How Are You?” In French.

There are five words to say you in. Is et vous formal or informal? Synonym for et vous vous is formal, toi is informal.

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